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Community pharmacies are defined by our personalised and friendly approach to healthcare. All of our patients matter greatly to us, and we are thrilled to be an integral part of the local community.

One of the most rewarding aspects of working in community pharmacy is getting to interact with our patients, who all have a different story to tell. We have compiled a list of recent stories from the pharmacy that express the hard work and compassionate nature of our staff as they go the extra mile to help out the local community.

The blood pressure patient

As a community pharmacy, we believe that every patient matters. If we notice an issue, no matter what it is, we will do everything we can to sort it out.

Recently, a lady came into the pharmacy to get her blood pressure tested. Results showed her blood pressure was extremely high, even after remeasuring it three times both sitting and standing. This was concerning, so our staff advised her to call her GP immediately as this called for an urgent same-day referral.

Unfortunately, the phone lines were busy, but our staff were committed to getting her the help she needed, so they took her straight to A&E. She called the pharmacy a few days later expressing that she was grateful for their support.

We’re so proud of our caring staff for going above and beyond for the community. Every patient success story warms our hearts!

Blood pressure testing strapped onto arm

The dental patient

A lady recently entered our pharmacy after returning from the dentist with a dental prescription. She was feeling anxious and having difficulty breathing due to receiving an injection in her mouth, so our staff did their best to calm her down.

Unfortunately, she began to feel worse and couldn’t breathe, so staff called an ambulance and alerted the GP from the medical centre next door. To help her manage her claustrophobic symptoms, they took her to sit outside for some fresh air.

At this point, they contacted her husband to inform him of the situation while the ambulance arrived to take her to hospital. Thankfully, her condition improved there, so our staff could breathe a sigh of relief. The next day, the lady returned to the pharmacy to thank the staff for their service and for taking good care of her.

Helping the community is at the heart of everything we do as a community pharmacy, so we truly appreciate the gratitude expressed by our patients. We’re always here to help!

The delivery driver

A community pharmacy has a lot of moving parts, and we’d like to highlight everyone who makes it run smoothly. A patient recently expressed gratitude to one of our delivery drivers.

He expressed that every time he delivers his medication, there’s a smile on his face, and that he is always happy with the way he operates. As a community pharmacy, we pride ourselves on providing a friendly and personalised service, so we owe a lot to our staff who go the extra mile to create a positive rapport with our patients.

Our prescription delivery service is vital in helping patients feel appreciated and valued. Everyone deserves medication that supports and improves their life, so if a patient cannot regularly make the journey to our pharmacy, we are more than happy to deliver directly to their door.

Thank you to the patient for the lovely words, and to our delivery drivers for the essential work they do for the community. Our pharmacy would not be complete without them.

The younger generation

We love helping the younger ones in our community!

Children from Qube Learning occasionally come to us for work experience, and they always leave us positive reviews. They mention how they learn a lot from us about how a community pharmacy functions.

It’s easy to take healthcare services for granted, so we’re grateful to have the opportunity to teach younger generations about the work that goes into providing our services to the local community.

Education is just as important as healthcare, so it’s a joy to help the younger generations learn more about what we do!

Leylands Lane Pharmacy reception

We feel privileged to help Bradford and the wider community – working in community pharmacy is an extremely rewarding job. If you’re having a health issue, we will always do our best to get you access to the help you need.

For more information on the issues discussed in this blog, or for assistance with a variety of other issues, please pop in to see us at Leylands Lane Pharmacy, or call us on 01274 495500. Alternatively, you can book an appointment here.

mark glover
mark glover
After I mixed up my Covid appointment the staff were great and it was an incredibly speedy process. Staff great and in and out in 5 mins, ideal for me.
Michelle Holt
Michelle Holt
Great service
Diane Davidson
Diane Davidson
Very efficient not been just used website.
Ahmad Alrahal
Ahmad Alrahal
جيد جدا والأسعار مناسبة
Anna Mir
Anna Mir
Polite and helpful young lady at the pharmacy Always apologetic for any inconveniences caused. My mum went down a few times for my siblings medication.Certain medication wasn’t available at the time.The young lady apologised and then made sure she gave my mum a call when the medication arrived! My mum is pleased with the service.
Assiya Batool
Assiya Batool
Very nice and good staff and helpfully and clean. I like it.
Owais Hassan
Owais Hassan
Great pharmacy, great service! Been using them for years!